• "I knew for once I was right where I needed to be."

  • "I have everyone to thank at RMTC for helping me believe..."

  • "I felt a sense of welcome right as I walked through the doors"

  • "The treatment center literally saved my life"

  • "I found my life hopeless and out of control"


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is an accredited in-patient treatment program located in Great Falls, Montana. We focus on treating addictions and co-occurring disorders. Our team of highly qualified professionals diagnose and treat the issues that bring addiction to life.

Utilizing a variety of treatment methods, our counselors address addiction and co-occuring disorders from multiple angles. Methods include, but are not limited to, group and individual counseling, eco-therapy, equine therapy, recreation, and team building activities.

 We provide interventions that are designed to help families motivate loved ones to seek care, as well as family counseling for families who want to learn more about alcohol and substance abuse.

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Great Falls, MT

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